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TickleFLEX is the multi award winning accessory for your insulin pen. It is widely recommended by diabetes professionals because it eases the ordeal of self injecting.

Simply attach it to the pen's needle and inject in the normal way, but now with less pain, bruising and anxiety.


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The spikey fingers saturate the local nerves creating distraction analgesia, masking the pain like when rubbing an ache.

Avoid pain

TickleFLEX Pain_edited.png
TickleFLEX Pain Chart.png

Banish Bruising

Piling up the subcutaneous tissue under the needle and controlling depth and position makes injecting safer and more consistent.

TickleFLEX Bruising.png
TickleFLEX Bruising Chart.png

You don’t see the needle, you don’t feel it, TickleFLEX is held securely against the skin so no risk of needle shear and so no stress.

Sooth anxiety

TickleFLEX Anxiety.png
TickleFLEX Anxiety Chart.png

If you have a child who needs insulin injections you may have to confront daily traumas that hurt you more than your child. Our customers report that TickleFLEX has transformed this obligation - TickleFLEX is tolerated with a smile.

As well as the benefits listed below, TickleFLEX is 'playful' and 'friendly' and lends itself to mental as well as physical distraction.

Parents can make up fun stories like one starring TickleJelly :-)

TickleFLEX Jelly Emoji.png
TickleFLEX HateNeedles Emoji.png

If you hate needles, especially that moment when you penetrate the skin, use your TickleFLEX and you won't notice

TickleFLEX ItHurts Emoji_edited.png

If it hurts when you get too close to a nerve, use your TickleFLEX and tickle the pain away

TickleFLEX Bruise Emoji.png

If you bruise easily, especially when the needle goes in a bit deep, use your TickleFLEX and stay blemish free

TickleFLEX Shaky Emoji.png

If you get shaky, especially when reaching around your body, use your TickleFLEX and keep the pen steady

Check out these videos made by some of our happy customers or search for "TickleFLEX" in YouTube to find many others


TickleFLEX attaches to the single use needle - not the pen. That ensures compatibility with different pen types because even when the pen bodies are different they all use the same needles.


TickleFLEX works best with short needles (4-6 mm).

There are some disposable pens such as the low capacity Solostar that have too small a diameter to act as an end stop for TickleFLEX. If this is the type that you use please request an 'adapter' when placing your order (no charge). It is simply an "O" ring that fits behind the needle.

Instructions for use

Slide TickleFLEX over the needle and inject firmly with the pen at about 90 degrees to your body. TickleFLEX's design prevents the needle going in too deep no matter how hard it is pressed.

If you see a leak or blister you need to press harder or move to an alternate site.

If you want to see the needle you can look through the hub lens or rotate the pen until you can look through the round gap at the shoulder where the fingers join the hub.

To avoid the risk of contamination TickleFLEX should not be shared with anyone else.


TickleFLEX's defining part is the silicon flexure that gently grips and stimulates the skin. It is very durable but it's high friction can degrade if after frequent use it gets a bit greasy.

The best way to clean TickleFLEX is to put it through a wash cycle in a dishwasher or washing machine. The grip will be completely restored. This should ideally be done every few months depending on usage.

Otherwise your TickleFLEX can be used repeatedly for at least 6 months.

Keep your TickleFLEX in the transparent polycarbonate case it came in. It is opaque to ultra violet which will protect the plastic.

TickleFLEX's silicon material has an anti-microbial silver additive. It will inhibit bacterial growth and cannot be washed off.

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That's me in the video - Peter Bailey - the inventor of TickleFLEX. As is often the case, necessity was the mother of this invention.

I have T1 diabetes and hated the ordeal of self injecting. It seemed to take many years before it dawned on me that there might be a better way. And so started the adventure that turned into TickleFLEX.

If you are interested in more product or company history try the links:

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