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Pocketpods main image_edited.png
Pocketpods main image_edited.png

For Dextro

Energy Tabs

For Lift and

Gluco Tabs

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What are they?

Why are they special?

They are totally curvilinear with no sharp protrusions like hangers or hinges. There is nothing to snag on even the most sensitive fabrics. They use powerful N52 magnets to snap closed using a unique sinusoidal self-aligning interface. Just approach closure and the two shells will do the rest

Pocket pods are super curvy and pocket friendly cases designed specifically to carry some emergency sugar. There are two types. One holds 3 of the round 1” tabs like Lift® or Berocca®, the other holds 4 of the rectangular Dextro Energy® tabs.

Berocca, Lift, Glucose and Dextro tabs can be bought on-line or from your local pharmacy

PPods Glucose Packs M.jpg

Why do you need them?

Sugar tabs come in bulky cases like the large round tubes for Lift® or the tear open packages for Dextro Energy® that cannot be resealed once opened. They may find a home in your diabetes kit bag or briefcase, but don’t sit happily in the pockets of your lightweight leisure clothing. As a consequence, they are mostly left at home.

This is risky. Most people with diabetes have suffered from a hypo while out and about. To be safe, some emergency sugar should always be available. PocketPods are so user friendly they can be carried unobtrusively in almost any clothing where they are ready to give you a boost when needed


Wavy Seal

The wavy seal makes the shells self align when brought together exposing first one outward facing edge and then the other. That also makes them easy to grip and separate - by holding opposite sides between finger and thumb.

They have a silicon sponge seal around their periphery to keep the contents in good condition


Free postage in the UK

£4 for rest of the world

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pp round pack Back.png
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