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About Bamboo

Bamboo is the rediscovered eco-friendly biodegradable carbon neutral super crop. It has greater compressive strength than concrete and about the same strength-to-weight ratio as steel in tension. It yields 20 times more fibre than trees, captures 5 times more carbon and releases 35% more oxygen to the atmosphere.

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About the tissues

These biodegradable tissues are spun-lace bamboo, a non-woven fabric rather than a conventional tissue.

It is tough enough to scrub with and has remarkable blotting power, drawing out dirt and grease with it's hydrophilic super soft texture. The highly absorptive activated charcoal then sanitises the skin and being charcoal black does not show blood stains.

Unlike wet wipes they of course cannot dry out so have a long shelf life. The packs hold 8 tissue stacks of 10 and can be closed to store unused tissues safely


Free postage in the UK

£4 for rest of the world

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