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The problem

If you’ve had to test your blood glucose level when away from home you’ll recognise these issues...


What do you use to clean your skin where you intend to lance your finger?

How do you mop up any blood residue after offering it up to the test strip?

Where do you then put the soiled wipe/blotter and used test strip?


It is not always convenient to carry a pack of fresh wet wipes or to reach out for a sheet of toilet paper, you don’t always have a sanitary bin handy or somewhere to flush it and you don’t always carry a sharps box or similar for the used sensor strip.


The solution


PandaPod is double sided

The solution is PandaPod; a slim, smooth, hard-shell case that holds small round wipes that are just the right size to clean the skin and blot up waste after finger prick testing. It is compact enough to fit into the pocket of your zip up glucose meter case and comes loaded with a stack of wipes/blotters.

It has been designed to be really user friendly. The lids snap shut magnetically, with a protruding lip for easy opening. Being magnetic the closing force acts softly over a distance, unlike the usual mechanical clip where the closing force is a sharp snap that can be tricky to open.

The end wipe in the stack is half exposed leaving it easy to grip and remove. No fiddling necessary.

panda in case.jpg

Open the top lid to gain access to tear off wipes that both sanitise the skin before lancing and blot up any residue afterwards. Open the bottom lid and there is a bin to store the soiled wipes and any used sensor strips

Bamboo charcoal

It is not just the case that is innovative – the tissues are spunlace bamboo charcoal.

This is a non-woven fabric rather than a conventional tissue. It is tough enough to scrub with, drawing out dirt and grease with the highly absorptive activated charcoal sanitising the skin.

Unlike wet wipes they of course cannot dry out so have a long shelf life. The bamboo is biodegradable with a super soft texture that gives them remarkable blotting power. Being charcoal black they do not show blood stains.

PandaPod Bamboo.png

How to refill

The PandaPod splits into two in a rather cunning way. The first time you do it, it may seem like a Chinese puzzle, but once mastered it’s never forgotten!

If a single lid is opened the two shells stays locked together, but if both lids are opened by at least 90 degrees the two shells separate.

To refill, open the lids and separate the two shells. Insert a new tissue stack into the internal cavity behind the slot in the top shell and thread the end tissue through that slot. Bring the two shells back together and close both lids to secure

PandaPod Opened.png

Free postage in the UK

£4 for rest of the world

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