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The magic of FLEXtend


If you self inject regularly you tend to over use the parts of your body that are easiest to reach. This results in a condition known as lipohypertrophy. It is not just unsightly with waxy lumps under the skin but is also a safety issue as it compromises the reliable diffusion of the insulin.

FLEXtend is a holder for your insulin pen that works in conjunction with TickleFLEX to enable you to inject into those previously inaccessible parts of your body.

By holding FLEXtend rather than the pen, it reverses your grip so that your thumb is now at the needle end, where it cooperates with the natural articulation of your joints. When you press FLEXtend towards your skin, the pen slides inwards and presses the insulin delivery button against the blocked end of the tube. The insulin is then ejected as if otherwise done using your thumb.

TickleFLEX needs to be fitted to ensure there is sufficient pressure to operate the button without causing the needle to go in too deep. It also stabilises the pen if out of dexterous or visible reach.

FLEXtend is moulded out of polypropylene, a stiff and low friction plastic that helps the pen slide internally as the button is depressed


Overuse of the same injection location causes lipohypertrophy

FLEXtend Lipom_edited.jpg



Subcutaneous tissue



Attach TickleFLEX to your pen. Slide it into FLEXtend and steady it with your thumb through the lip notch.



Hold FLEXtend at 90° to your body and push firmly - it will depress the delivery button as the pen slides inside the tube.


FLEXtend ExtendYourSiteSelection.png

The benefit


The only effective treatment for lipohypertrophy is to rest the affected area and allow it to heal.

FLEXtend can significantly increase the body area that can be used for injecting.

You can now reach under the arms and around the sides of your body. That helps to share the load and avoid over use

Free postage in the UK

£4 for rest of the world

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