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About TickleFLEX history


CurveScience started out as TickleTec ltd. It was founded in 2016 with very little cash but a great idea.

Thanks to the encouragement and mentoring support of a good friend - Keith Lewcock - it entered its product concept in an annual product design competition run by the UK Design Council called Spark. Success would bring both training and funding without costing equity or imposing the burden of loans.

TickleFLEX was selected as one of the 2016 Spark winners, bringing the resources to make the difference. This wasn’t just finance, but the Design Council’s prestige and recognition with a fast track into other resources such as our Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) group called “Coast to Capital”. In early 2017 the indomitable but now sadly departed Amanda Geel introduced TickleTec to Bola Lafe, Managing Director of Opus Innovations, an established and award-winning healthcare products manufacturer and distributor, who also won the accolade of ’2014 New Business of the Year’ in the prestigious Gatwick Diamond Business Awards. The introduction to Opus was a perfect fit for TickleTec, with both personal and corporate synergy. TickleTec was then joined by Christopher Kennedy, the MD of Get Animated and a colleague of Bola’s, with a wealth of experience and expertise in marketing medical products and their presentation.

As a team we got TickleTec Ltd. noticed and guided it through its formative first 3 years. Having now come of age TickleTec was renamed CurveScience to better accommodate its wider ambitions. It is now embarking on its own, armed with a selection of home designed new products.

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